Rapid Colorimetric Assay

For Intra-Operative Detection of Ovarian Cancer

The only Point of Care Detection kit that distinguishes benign from malignant epithelial ovarian cysts with 98% accuracy, in just five minutes

A Quicker, Smarter Way To 
Distinguish Benign From Malignant
Epithelial Ovarian Cysts


OvaCis™ is a rapid intra-operative Point of Care diagnostic kit, to help surgeons to discriminate benign from malignant ovarian cysts.

OvaCis™ has been developed in close co-operation between researchers at the National University of Singapore and INEX Innovations Exchange Pte. Ltd.


Results are ready within five minutes. The assay can be performed in the operating theatre, during an ovarian cystectomy.


Laboratory studies demonstrate a sensitivity greater than 98% and specificity greater than 92%.


High reliability as the results are not dependent on the section of cyst wall removed for biopsy. Cyst fluid is homogenous so results are extremely reliable and accurate.

Existing technology such as Frozen Section is dependent on the section of tissue removed for biopsy, which might not contain abnormal tissue. OvaCis™ on the other hand, is not sample section dependent; it analyses cyst fluid, which is homogenous. This makes OvaCis™ a highly reliable and invaluable intra-operative test that delivers instant results.




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Early Diagnosis Is Essential

Women diagnosed at an early stage have a higher 5-year survival rate than those diagnosed at a later stage. Unfortunately, fewer than 15% of ovarian cancer patients are diagnosed early, which leads to poor survival rates.

More than 90% of ovarian malignancies are classified as epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC), meaning it is epithelial in origin. Each year, a large number of women undergo an ovarian cystectomy to remove ovarian cysts that are thought to be benign. However, studies show that ovarian malignancy is unexpectedly encountered in 1 to 14% of laparoscopic cystectomies.

Therefore, intra-operative testing for malignancy in women undergoing ovarian cystectomies is a critical component in optimal patient care.

OvaCis™ is the most reliable assay to help physicians determine the most appropriate surgical procedure.