Ordering Ovacis™

OvaCis™ is to be used by healthcare professionals, which includes clinicians, doctors and nurses in the operating theatre, during laparoscopic procedures.

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1. Fill in the Order Form


2. Receive OvaCis™ Kit

When you receive the OvaCis™ kit, it should include:

  1. Pre-Loaded Device x 1
  2. Sampling Syringe (Red) x 1
  3. Reagent Syringe (Green) x 1
  4. Empty Sample Tube x 1
  5. Kit Tray with Colour Gradient Strip x 1

3. Use OvaCis™ Kit

OvaCisTM works by identifying a protein biomarker found in ovarian cysts, and can be used in three easy steps:

  1. Collect sample of cyst fluid from patient during laparoscopic surgery
  2. Apply sample to the kit
  3. Obtain results in just five minutes – Positive or Negative


4. Get Instant Result

After applying the cyst fluid into the OvaCis™ kit, use the Colour Gradient Strip and evaluate the results in just five minutes.